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Exploring SAHARA
4x4 Safaris

If you have not travelled the Sahara or Africa before, we recommend to start exploring this fascinating part of the world with this itinerary.

Each group drives their own car (a 4x4 essential!) and the “safari” takes you through spectacular mountain scenery, Berber villages, the Oasis of miraculous Sahara desert and to the spectacular african savana.

We can design a trip to meet almost anyones's wildest dreams; From rigorous camel treks in the Sahara Desert to Senegal's bush, from West Sahara's arid moonscape and nomadic culture to Mauritania's Oasis, community visits, we can help to provide an experience you'll never forget!


* Ferry crossing Gibraltar Street via Algeciras-Tangier (Morocco)
* Meknes • Marrakech • Asni (High Atlas Mountains 4167 m)
* Agadir • Tiznit • Tan-Tan (border to West Sahara)
* Laâyoune • Boujdour • Dakhla • Nouâdhibou (Mauritania)
* Nouakchott • Rosso (Diama National Park) • Rkiz (Lake Rkiz)
* Aleg • Magta Lahjar • Tidjikja (big dune, oasis) • Atar
* Chinguetti (big dune, oasis, history) • Ouadâne (big dune, oasis)

Some of the countries we travel are expensive to access but reasonable for you once there. As all packages are "all inclusive", you will need very little spending money when travelling with us. All you need to calculate for is drinks, souvenirs and emergencies. Because you bring your own vehicle along, you need to budget for fuel cost as well as road tolls in Europe. Please email us to find details on how much money you will need and an idea of the price for different items.


* Motobike escort service, please contact us!
* We can design your special trip!

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