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5 nights safari - Ngorongoro/Serengeti / Lake Manyara
Day 1 – Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Depart Arusha after lunch and drive to Conservation Area arriving later in the afternoon.
Covering approximately 8,288 square km, the Ngorongoro conservation area consists of
the Ngorongoro crater itself, the Olduvai gorge, the Empakai crater and the Oldonyo
Lengai Mountain. The Ngorongoro crater which is the central attraction in the area is the
largest Caldera in the world that has its walls intact. The Ngorongoro crater floor, a sheer
drop of 610 metres below the crater rim has an area of 265 square km, with a diameter of
19 km. The crater floor is covered with plains animals including wildebeest, zebra, gazelle,
elands, rhino and large predator population of lions, hyenas and jackal. Cheetah and
leopard can also be traced. Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge / Ngorongoro Serena Lodge.

Day 2 – Ngorongoro Conservation Area
After breakfast at the lodge, proceed on a half-day crater tour. In the crater you can see
a spectacular array of wildlife including the big five. The crater has a variety of ecosystem
including grassland forest and swamp. The lake on the crater floor is home to Flamingos
and many other species of birds. Lunch at the lodge followed by the rest of the day at
Dinner and overnight stay at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge / Ngorongoro Serena Lodge.

Day 3 – Serengeti National Park
After breakfast at the lodge, depart and drive via Olduvai gorge before, popularly referred
to as the “Cradle of Humankind”. It was at this site that in 1959 Dr. Louis Leakey discovered
the skull of Zinjanthropus or “Nutcraker Man” believed to have lived 1.75 million year ago.
Later reclassified as Australopithecus boisei, this creature has massive skull though small
brained (500cc) with huge teeth. Several moths later Dr. Leakey found another fossil
hominid in the same layer of excavation called Homo habilis or “Handy man”, smaller than
the “Nutcraker man” but with a larger brain (600cc) and capable of making simple stone
tools. Lunch is at our lodge in Serengeti. After lunch we go on an afternoon game drive.
Serengeti is the oldest National Parks in Tanzania and has a variety of scenery which
includes the plains, lakes, hills and the rock outcrops called kopjes. Animals we expect to
vie in Serengeti includes lions, buffaloes, hippos, waterbucks, elephants, cheetahs,
wildebeests, zebras, Impalas, gazelles, topi, hartebeest and the leopard among others.
Dinner and overnight stay at Serengeti Sopa Lodge / Serengeti Serena Lodge.

Day 4 – Serengeti National Park
After breakfast, proceed on a morning game drive to explore this park famous for large
concentrations of plains game. Return to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, another
game drive can be taken.
Dinner and overnight stay at Serengeti Sopa Lodge / Serengeti
Serena Lodge.

Day 5 - Lake Manyara National Park
This morning you drive to Lake Manyara where we have lunch at our lodge. The lodge is
situated on the Mto wa Mbu Escarpment, overlooking the Great Rift Valley. This park has a
large variety of habitats making it possible to support a wealth of wildlife in its small area.
The main habitat includes the shallow soda lake, the ground water forest, open grassland, acacia woodland and the rift wall. The most famous spectacle in the park is the tree
climbing lions. Other animals include buffalo, leopards, baboons, impala, giraffes, zebra,
wildebeest, ostrich and hippo. The lake contains over 400 species of birds. Common water
birds to be seen here are pelicans, spoonbills, Egyptian geese, hammerkops and the
migratory flamingoes.
Dinner and overnight stay at Lake Manyara Serena Lodge.

Day 6 - Departure
Depart after breakfast and drive to Arusha for lunch. Thereafter transfer to Kilimanjaro
airport for your return international flight. (or drive to Nairobi arriving later in the evening.
You are dropped off at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for your onward international
flight – at an extra cost)

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