Morocco - Local laws reflect the fact that Morocco is an Islamic country. You should respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure that they do not offend other cultures or religious beliefs more
India - Indian government regulations do not normally allow passengers who entered India on a charter flight to leave on a scheduled airline. However, we understand that the Foreigners Regional Registration Office has given permission for ... read more
Mauritania - When travelling in Mauritania you should make sure you have confidence in your individual security arrangements. You should maintain a high level of vigilance, particularly in public places, and where there are large gatherings of people more
Senegal - We advise against road travel in the Casamance region to the west of Kolda, other than on, the main road from Ziguinchor to Cap Skirring which is often used by groups of tourists. You should exercise caution if travelling in areas of Senegal more
Kenya - Incidents of armed car-hijackings are more prevalent in Nairobi and Mombasa but can occur in any area of the country. Do not attempt to escape from hijackers or resist their demands.Remain vigilant at all times. Avoid stopping at the side of ... read more
Tanzania - Travellers should also exercise caution at the Ubungo bus station and places frequented by backpackers, especially around the city centre in Dar es Salaam where muggers, pickpockets and unlicensed taxis with the intention to commit robbery more
United Arab Emirates - Drink spiking, known to be used in date rape, can happen. Consular staff have received credible reports of drink spiking in night clubs in Dubai, resulting in sexual assaults on both men and women. Do not accept drinks from strangers ... read more
Nepal - You should exercise caution when walking around Kathmandu at night, especially in areas experiencing power cuts. Avoid walking on your own; avoid carrying large sums of cash and keep valuables safe and out of sight. Elsewhere in the Kathmandu Valley ... read more
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