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For many travellers, Morocco might just be a short hop away by ferry or by one of the myriad budget airlines from Spain, but it’s a much further distance to travel culturally. The regular certainties of Europe are suddenly swept away by the arrival in full technicolour of Africa and Islam. It’s a complete sensory overload.

Draa Valley Located south of the High Atlas mountains, the stunning Draa Valley, lined with old Kasbahs, Ksour and palm groves, spreads from Ouarzazate in the west to Zagora in the east. A drive through the valley is undoubtedly one of the most scenic journeys in Morocco.

High Atlas Located in central Morocco, The High Atlas Mountains, also called the Grand High Atlas, are the biggest mountain range in North Africa. The range is split up into three different ridges that climax just south of the city of Marrakech – home of the Jebel Toubkal National Park.

Atlantic Coast Drive or Motorbike through the Atlas Mountains to the Atlantic Coast and Sahara Desert.

Rif Close to Tangier and Tétouan, the Rif still remains quite removed from the main tourist routes. It is a preferred destination for travelers seeking authenticity.

Sahara This is the heart of old Morocco - the pre Sahara desert. It's like stepping back in time into an all forgotten world; a world of fortified villages, Berber castles (Kasbahs) and abandoned Foreign Legion outposts. The Sahara region is where you'll find one of the most diverse and dramatic landscapes in Morocco.
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